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"What is a Blogmaster?" I posted this question in Quora to see people's POVs. 

You see, blogs are the 90s' social networking sites and Pyra Labs' Blogger, now Google's, is still the most popular blogging service.

My geek journey as a blog user began at that time when WWW was as hot as WWF (of course I'm a wrestling fan). Back then, my blogging was about wholesome lifestyle, Filipino culture, and comic book to movie adaptations. It wasn't unique so I trashed them all.

If you're observant like most bloggers, you can be very overwhelmed by millions of blogs out there in the blogosphere that's stylish, artistic, or elegant. When I changed the theme of my blog into something that's uniquely Filipino, my life as an internet user also changed. Soon enough, after reviewing my notes on pioneering and leadership, I got the "Aha! moment" I wanted and started blogging about Filipino Trailblazers. It's kind of a Who's Who in Philippine history and culture.

My blog's title, First Filipino, became a household name. It was surely amazing when I had received invites then from different bloggers and journalists to share my link, however, I remained anonymous.

I've been regularly, quietly, redesigning and posting online profiles of Filipino and Filipina pioneers. I call it archiving a good data. I've learned that from my computer school. It was supposed to be my future thesis and portfolio project for a scholarship grant. But family crisis had hit us so bad that I had no time and money to pursue a comp sci or robotics degree at AMA University. I only had an associate degree in computer, system analysis, design and programming. I could not even afford a ".com" to become socially relevant.

So I just continued blogging even if life was hard on us. Eventually I made it as a home-based career when monetization was available and blogs were selling like hotcakes. Then the time came when Wikipedia and WikiPilipinas users have indexed blog posts, including mine, as reference links.

Today, First Filipino enjoys a significant following and a 500–800K+ pageviews, thanks to the huge contribution of FeedBurner, Technorati and other blog directories, search engines, and Facebook.

Ultimately I converted my blog posts into an ebook and published that in Amazon as First Filipino World Records (FFWR).

Because of that, am I now equipped for the blogmaster title? Yes, I am!


Al Raposas said...

Good day. Congratulations! Your blog has been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. For details, kindly read this article: https://history-ph.blogspot.com/2017/06/filipino-historian-receives-blogger.html

Anonymous said...

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